Research in Classics at Oxford

There are over 90 researchers within the Faculty working on the remarkably diverse areas represented by the languages, literature, linguistics, philosophy, history, art and archaeology of the ancient Greco-Roman world. These enquiries, dovetailed with those of our co-researchers in other Faculties, now bring our endeavours into the Ancient Near East, India, and the Byzantine world; and all this material is reassessed through the lens of the reception of Greco-Roman antiquity globally, down to the present.   
The research community within the Faculty is made up of postgraduate students, early career researchers (including Junior Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers attached to particular research projects), and all other Faculty members. The Faculty is proud to be able to host international visitors throughout the year who greatly enhance the research environment. Research projects are conducted both individually and collectively and are often hosted by the Faculty’s Research Centres based in the Ioannou Centre. Researchers regularly engage in cross-disciplinary projects with the support of the networks made available through The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).  
The Faculty’s research culture finds vivid expression in the research seminars held regularly each term on a wide range of themes; and numerous conferences and public events are hosted throughout the year. The Faculty additionally supports a variety of initiatives by undergraduates, graduate students and early career researchers, which feature on our social media sites
For information about postdoctoral studies and funding, see Graduate Admissions.