Translating Ancient Drama

translating ancient drama

The APGRD's ‘Translating Ancient Drama’ project explores the essential role played by translation in the reception of ancient comedy and tragedy. The central aim of the APGRD's 'Translating Ancient Drama' project is to research the circulation of ancient dramatic texts through different times, linguistic areas and cultures.

The project augments and supplements the APGRD’s performance database by including translations of ancient plays into a number of European vernacular languages. The information provided proves an invaluable tool for researchers working in a wide range of disciplines, including Modern Literary Studies, Linguistics, Comparative Literature, Classics, Theatre Studies, History of Scholarship, History of Ideas and History of the Book. It equally enables examination of parallels and differences in the patterns of the reception of the ancient texts across time and place, including geographical areas beyond Europe through the presence of these vernaculars in the former colonies. At the same time, it also permits analysis of cross-cultural exchanges, whether by conscious appropriation, shameless recycling and/or literary piracy of translations in other European vernaculars.


Fiona Macintosh (Principal Investigator, University of Oxford)
Giovanna Di Martino (Researcher, University of Oxford)
Cécile Dudouyt (APGRD Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Oxford / University of Rennes 1)
Laura Monros-Gaspar (Research Associate, University of Valencia)
Sofia Frade (Research Associate, University of Lisbon)
Oliver Taplin (Advisor , University of Oxford)
Alain Viala (Advisor, University of Oxford)
Margaret Williamson (Advisor , Dartmouth College, USA)