Performing Epic

performing epic

Verse narratives of quest, adventure and destiny – the Greek and Roman Iliad, Odyssey, Argonautica, Aeneid, Metamorphoses alongside Gilgamesh, the Mahabharata, the Inuit Atanarjuat and the West African Sundiata – have been inspiring new theatrical, danced and sung productions in every continent of the world in recent years. 

The APGRD’s 'Performing Epic' programme began life as a 3-year, Leverhulme-funded research project exploring the vital life of the classical epics in the performance arts.  The scope of the project is broad, encompassing the reception of epic in any performance medium (including theatre, opera, dance, film, and radio), in any language and country, and any era since antiquity.  The central aim of the project is to examine the reception of Greek and Roman epic across all performance genres.


Fiona Macintosh (Principal Investigator, Oxford)
Justine McConnell (KCL)
Edith Hall (KCL)
Stephen Harrison (Oxford)
Oliver Taplin (Oxford)
Stephe Harrop (Professional Storyteller)
Rachel Bryant Davies (Durham)
Claire Kenward (Oxford)
Marchella Ward (Oxford)