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The APGRD is a pioneering international centre for research into performances worldwide of Greek and Roman drama and of the Greek and Roman epics, from antiquity to the present, on stage, screen and radio, in opera and dance. The APGRD’s rich collections and activities have been made possible by generous support from the AHRC, The Leverhulme Trust, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and The Onassis Foundation. As well as hosting a high-profile series of public talks on any aspect of the reception of Greco-Roman antiquity,  the APGRD supports new writing and works closely with practitioners engaged in the creative arts and beyond.

The provision of cutting-edge research is one of the APGRD’s primary aims and it has published over 20 volumes to date and two freely downloadable interactive-multimedia ebooks. Our research team of experienced and emergent scholars has produced pioneering studies and our digital resources include freely available databases of both ancient and modern productions, study guides, podcasts and lecture recordings. The APGRD aims to create a wider community of scholarship, drawing upon experts and practitioners from the worlds of Classics, Theatre, Music and Dance. 

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