Dr Lisa Kallet

Research Interests

My research areas lie in archaic and classical Greek history. My principal interests are the Athenian empire with a focus on the nature and diversity of economic and political relationships between Athens and the cities and islands under its control; Athenian democracy (with an interest in assembly dynamics, financial literacy and numeracy), and the interrelationship of democracy and empire, Attic epigraphy, Greek historiography, especially Thucydides. My current research is focused on a history of Athenian economic interests in the north Aegean and Thrace in the archaic and classical periods, numeracy in Athens, and Greek historiography. I have just completed a co-authored project that centres on the use of numismatic evidence for the history of the Athenian Empire on numismatics and the history of the Athenian empire. 

Research Keywords

Greek History, Historiography, Epigraphy, Athenian Democracy, Athenian Empire, Greek Economy.


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