Dr Valentina Mignosa

Academic Background

Following my PhD, I worked at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice to update and translate the database of Greek inscriptions ‘Axon’ into English.

I was awarded a scholarship at Fondation Hardt (2020), from which I have not yet been able to benefit due to the current global situation.

I obtained a doctorate in Greek History at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, in the course of which I had the opportunity to conduct research as a visiting scholar at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. I pursued my master’s degree at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and my BA degree at the University of Catania.


I am currently consultant retained by the University of Oxford for the Crossreads project.

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in the development of the urban, social and epigraphic landscape in ancient cities. During my PhD thesis I investigated the change of the urban and social landscape of Syracuse during periods of intense human mobility between the archaic and classical periods in an attempt to deconstruct the classical idea of the landscape of the polis, urban and social, and to show in a more nuanced and articulate way its change during the middle centuries of its development. The research work, on which I am now working to produce a monograph, developed a model of analysis for the study of the consequences of mobility on the urban and social landscape that lends itself to being applied to cases other than Syracuse.


I am also interested in the dynamics of the acquisition of writing by the populations of ancient Sicily and in the phenomena of interaction within the Sicilian territory between the archaic and classical period.

Research Keywords

Ancient Sicily, Greek epigraphy, digital humanities, Greek colonization, Sikel, Elymian, Social History, Ancient Landscape, Cityscape.


I have taught several lectures over the course of my doctoral years at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice to both BA and MA students on a variety of topics concerning Greek history, Greek epigraphy and the use of digital tools for Greek epigraphy.


Full Publications: valentina_mignosa_full_publications_2021.docx