Professor Rosalind Thomas

Research Interests

I have recently completed a major book which examines the phenomenon of polis and island histories ('local histories') in the Greek world. Entitled 'Polis Histories, Collective memories and the Greek World' (CUP. 2019), it examines the writing of such histories as a mass phenomenon in the late Classical and early Hellenistic world, reexamines their content and tendencies, and interprets them as a cultural as well as a political phenomenon which speaks to the times in which they were produced.

My current research includes work on Greek Historiography, especially Thucydides, Greek relations with the Persian Empire, and Archaic Greek state-formation.



I teach all Greek history Finals papers and some Roman history for Classics, AMH and CAAH; Aristophanes' Political Comedy, Thucydides and the West. Tacitus and Tiberius.


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