Maxwell Hardy

My DPhil project, in commentary format, investigates the lower and higher criticism of the third book of the ‘Silvae’, a collection of (allegedly) ephemeral verse written by the Roman person Statius. Other topics on which I have written and intend to write more include the manuscript transmission of the ‘Corpus Tibullianum’, the textual criticism of Propertius, and that most exciting subject of the present day—interpolation.

Maxwell Hardy Publications as of 21 February 2022


  • ‘Problems in the Appendix Tibulliana,’ Hermes: Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie, accepted for publication.


  • ‘An emendation in Statius’ Silvae, 1.4.87–88,’ Mnemosyne, online preprint.


  • ‘Where do the Classics come from? Or, the Apparatus Criticus and You,’ Antigone Journal, 21 September 2021, link.
  • ‘Misericordia (Tender Heartedness),’ Mouseion 17, 2020, 73, link.