Dr Matthew Robinson

I studied in Oxford as both an undergraduate and a postgraduate. I then taught at UCL for a number of years, before returning to Oxford in 2012.

My research interests centre on the literature of the late Republic and the Augustan period. In preparing my first book - a commentary on Book 2 of Ovid's Fasti - I became interested in the ways in which texts can engage with not only with other texts but also with the non-textual - for example, religious ritual, art or astronomy. My current research focuses on literature's engagement with sub-literary genres such as declamation, and also on the use of acrostics and telestics in classical poetry.

Latin literature; Ovid; Propertius; Vergil; Catullus; astronomy; mythography; paratext; acrostics; telestics


Full Publications: Dr Matthew Robinson publications

Selected Publications:

  • Further Echoes of Vergil's Aeneid in Felix's Vita sancti Guthlaci

  • Ovid and the Catasterismi of Eratosthenes

  • Propertius 1.3: Sleep, Surprise and Catullus 64

  • A Commentary on Ovid’s Fasti, Book 2

  • Ardua et Astra: On the Calculation of the Dates of the Rising and Setting of Stars

  • Arms and A Mouse. Approaching acrostics in Ovid and Vergil

  • Looking Edgeways: Pursuring Acrostics in Ovid and Vergil

  • Propertius 1.3: Sleep, Surprise and Catullus 64

  • More
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