Dr Llewelyn Morgan

Academic Background

I have worked in Pennsylvania and the Republic of Ireland, and studied in both Oxford and Cambridge, before coming to Brasenose College in 1997.

Research Interests

I have a special interest in Roman literature, and have published on Virgil, Ovid, Horace, satire, historiography and metrical form. I also have an interest  in Afghanistan (ancient and modern).

Research Keywords

Latin Literature, metre.


Full Publications: dr_llewelyn_morgan_full_list_of_publications.pdf

Selected Publication:

  • Memmius the Epicurean

  • On the Good Ship 'Ingenium: Tristia 1.10'

  • The Reception of Sappho’s Brothers Poem in Rome

  • A Tale of Two Carthages: History and Allusive Topography in Virgil’s Libyan Harbor (Aen. 1.159-69)

  • OVID, FASTI 3.330


  • Elegiac meter: opposites attract

  • The Buddhas of Bamiyan

  • Actium; Aegaeon: Annus; Bactria: Castor and Pollux; Gryneum Nemus; Ufens.

  • Musa Pedestris

  • Bithynia: poets, provinces and clients

  • Meter

  • The one and only fons Bandusiae

  • Aeneas the flamen: double togas and taboos in Virgil’s Carthage

  • Oxford bibliographies: Latin poetic meter

  • More
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