Oxford’s Antiquity: a Critical Reappraisal of the Study of Classics in Oxford


Oxford’s Antiquity: a Critical Reappraisal of the Study of Classics in Oxford

Thursday 29 - Friday 30 September 2022

Faculty of Classics, Ioannou Centre for Byzantine and Classical Studies, 66 St Giles, Oxford

Thursday 29 September 2022

10.15    Welcome from the organisers

10.30 - 1 pm  Panel 1

Chair: Constanze Güthenke

Nikhil Krishnan (University of Cambridge) ‘How Socratic is the Oxford tutorial?’

Emily Rutherford (University of Oxford) ‘Pedagogic Eros: Greats, Pedagogy, and Homosexuality’

12-12.15 short coffee break

Shane Butler (Johns Hopkins University) ‘What was Classics?’


2.30 - 5 pm Panel 2

Chair: Jo Quinn

Emily Greenwood (Harvard University) ‘Absence, Loss, and the Presence of Coloniality: Caribbean perspectives on Oxford Classics’ [*remote]

Grant Parker (Stanford University and Stellenbosch University) ‘Universalism (theme and variations)’ [*remote]

4 - 4.15 short coffee break

Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University) ‘Exiting classics: a meditation on Qadri Ismail’


Friday 30 September 2022

10.30-12.30 Panel 3

Chair: Jas Elsner

Richard Hingley and Martha Stewart (University of Durham): ‘Oxford and Roman Britain: Haverfield to 2022’

John Ma (Columbia University) ‘Oxford contra mundum: Innovation and immobility in the practice of ancient history’


1.30-3pm Panel 4

Chair: Tim Rood

Heather Ellis (Sheffield University) ‘Classical authors and ‘scientific research’ in early nineteenth century England’

Suzanne Marchand (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge) ‘Herodotus versus the Higher Criticism: George Rawlinson, Anglican Historian and Translator’

3.30-5pm  Final Roundtable

Patrice Rankine (University of Chicago) [*remote]

Sasha-Mae Eccleston (Brown University) [*remote]

Katherine Harloe (Institute of Classical Studies, London)

Christopher Stray (Swansea University)


The event is free to attend and open to the public.