Professor Josephine Crawley Quinn

Academic Background
1986-1991       Becket RC Comprehensive, Nottingham
1992-1996       Wadham College, Oxford: BA (Hons) in Classics (‘Literae Humaniores’)
1996-2003       University of California, Berkeley: MA in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (1998);
                         PhD in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (2003)                            
2001-2002       Ralegh Radford Rome Scholar, British School at Rome
2003-2004       College Lecturer in Ancient History, St John's College, Oxford
Research Interests

I work on Mediterranean history and archaeology, with particular interests in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, the Phoenicians, and ancient North Africa. I’ve published articles on topics from Roman imperialism to Athenian sculpture to Numidian architecture to Edwardian education, and I’ve co-edited volumes of essays on ‘The Hellenistic West’ (with Jonathan Prag) and ‘The Punic Mediterranean’ (with Nicholas Vella), as well as the collected articles of the late Peter Derow (with Andrew Erskine). My most recent book, In Search of the Phoenicians, was published by Princeton University Press in January 2018.

Research Keywords

Hellenistic, Phoenician, Mediterranean, Greek, Roman, North Africa and the Levant.


I am currently on leave until summer 2021.


Full Publications: Josephine Quinn Publications 2021

Selected Publications:

Selected Publications