We are delighted to announce the publication of Barnaby Taylor's New Book.

lucretius and the language of nature

Barnaby Taylor's new book, Lucretius and the Language of Nature, offers a study of Lucretius' linguistic innovation and creativity. 

Lucretius is depicted as a linguistic trailblazer, extending and augmenting the technical language of Latin in order to describe the Epicurean universe of atoms and void in all its complexity and sublimity. A detailed understanding of the Epicurean linguistic theory brings with it a greater appreciation of Lucretius' own language. Accordingly, this book features an in-depth reconstruction of certain core features of Epicurean linguistic theory. Elements of Lucretius' style discussed include his attitudes to, and use of, figurative language (especially metaphor); his explorations, both explicit and implicit, of Latin etymology; his uses of Greek; and his creative deployment of compounds and prefixed words.


Published by Oxford University Press.