Tombstone of Menelaos, son of Hegesidemos, from Amphipolis (Volos Λ356)

painted stele with man reclining

© HMCS, EFA Magnesias, photo: M. Stamatopoulou

A painted red pomegranate decorates the pediment. Menelaos, depicted as a wreathed banqueter, dressed in a chitoniskos (knee-length dress) and himation (mantle), reclines on a couch with colourful patterned bedspreads, in front of a three-legged table. He rests his elbow on plush cushions and holds a silver kantharos (drinking vessel). On the left, a boy servant stands in front of a bronze situla (wine mixing vessel). The theme of banqueting was popular in Demetrias with Greeks and foreigner residents alike.