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Vergil's Second Eclogue and the Class Struggle

Lucan’s Caesar and Laelius

Food in Latin Literature

Illa domus, illa mihi sedes

Le due città di Teopompo e la storiografia romana


Vincet amor patriae laudumque immensa cupido (Vergil, Aeneid 6.823)

Forms of Exile in the Rudens of Plautus

The Garland of Maecenas (Horace, Odes 1. 1. 35)

Boxing and Sacrifice: Apollonius, Vergil, Valerius

César coup de foudre. La signification d'un symbole chez Lucain

Early Roman Epic and the Maritime Moment

A companion to Julius Caesar

A companion to Julius Caesar

Commedia Togata: the Terenzio of Goldoni and the Contest for Literary Authority