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Individual differences in transportation into narrative drama

Greek Lyric: A Selection

Group Minds in Classical Athens? Chorus and Dēmos as Case Studies of Collective Cognition

Lyric Minds

Textual Events: Performance and the Lyric in Early Greece

Cognition, Endorphins, and the Literary Response to Tragedy

Performance, Reperformance, Preperformance: The Paradox of Repeating the Unique in Pindaric Epinician and Beyond

Emotional arousal when watching drama increases pain threshold and social bonding.

Ambiguity and Audience Response

Another Look at Female Choruses in Classical Athens

Timotheus’ Poetics of Blending: A Cognitive Approach to the Language of the New Music

Choruses, Ancient and Modern

Dramatic illusion and realism

Greek festival choruses in and out of context

Lyric poetry

Pain, physical and mental

The inbetweenness of sympotic elegy

Alcman’s nightscapes (frs. 89 and 90 PMGF)

Epinician and the symposion: a comparison with the enkōmia

Bringing together nature and culture: on the uses and limits of cognitive science for the study of performance reception

Reading minds in Greek tragedy

Anacreon and the Anacreontea

Introducing Greek lyric

The Cambridge Companion to Greek Lyric

The reception of Sophocles' representation of physical pain

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