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The long lives of Roman statues: Public monuments in late antique Aphrodisias


Statue Practice in the late Roman Empire: Numbers, Costumes, and Style

The Last Statues of Antiquity

Aphrodisias Papers Excavation and research at Aphrodisias, 2006-2012

The Greek East under Rome

Troilos and Achilles: A Monumental Statue Group from Aphrodisias

Eikōn chalkē: Hellenistic statue honours in bronze

Citizens and kings in the Tomba Bella at Hierapolis - ILARIA ROMEO, DARIO PANARITI, ROSANGELA UNGARO, LA TOMBA BELLA. UN HEROON GIULIO-CLAUDIO E IL SUO SARCOFAGO (Hierapolis di Frigia VI; Missione Archeologica...

Gods in Colour A Guide to the Exhibition

The Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum Catalogue of Plaster Casts of Greek and Roman Sculpture

The Marble Reliefs from the Julio-Claudian Sebasteion


Defacing the Gods at Aphrodisias

Historical and Religious Memory in the Ancient World


Gods of Nemrud : the royal sanctuary of Antiochos I & the kingdom of Commagene

The second lives of classical monuments at Aphrodisias

(N.D.) Cahill Ed. Love for Lydia: a Sardis Anniversary Volume Presented to Crawford H. Greenewalt, Jr (Archaeological Exploration of Sardis 4). Cambridge MA and London: Harvard University Press, 2009. Pp. xvi + 249, illus. $50. 9780674031951.

Marble workshops at Aphrodisias

A Fayum teacher's manual, Alexandrian pavilion architecture, and Augustan wallpainting

Reception and Ancient Portraits

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 2002–2005

Aphrodisias papers New research on the city and its monuments

Aphrodisias: City and Sculpture in Roman Asia

Aphrodisias'tan Roma Portreleri

Roman portraits and marble production at Aphrodisias

Sarcophagi and Roman citizenship

Sculptors' workshops: Inscriptions, images, and archaeology

Pindar, athletes, and the early Greek statue habit

Statue life in the Hadrianic Baths at Aphrodisias, AD 100-600. Local context and historical meaning

The use of images: visual history and ancient history

Roman portrait statuary from Aphrodisias

Archaeological research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1999-2001

The Statue Monument of Oecumenius: A New Portrait of a Late Antique Governor from Aphrodisias

A portrait monument for Julian and Theodosius at Aphrodisias

Sculptured for Eternity: Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Art in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1997 and 1998

Art Theory and Criticism in Antiquity

Herakles and Antaios at Aphrodisias in Caria

Nero and the Sun-god: divine accessories and political symbols in Roman imperial images - M. BERGMANN, DIE STRAHLEN DER HERRSCHER: THEOMORPHES HERRSCHERBILD UND POLITISCHE SYMBOLIK IM HELLENISMUS UND IN DER R?...

Late Antique Portraits in a Public Context: Honorific Statuary at Aphrodisias in Caria, A.D. 300–600

A late Roman portrait and a himation statue from Aphrodisias

Cultural Choice and Political Identity in Honorific Portrait Statues in the Greek East in the Second Century A.D.

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1996

Hellenistic Sculpture under the Roman Empire: Fishermen and Satyrs at Aphrodisias

The Public Image of Licinius I: Portrait Sculpture and Imperial Ideology in the Early Fourth Century

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1995

Aphrodisias Papers, 3 The Setting and Quarries, Mythological and Other Sculptural Decoration, Architectural Development, Portico of Tiberius, and Tetrapylon

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1994

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias, 1989-1992

Ptolemaic portraits: Alexandrian types, Egyptian versions

Typology and diversity in the portraits of Augustus

A new shield portrait in Izmir

Archaeological Research at Aphrodisias in Caria, 1993

Spear-won land at Boscoreale: on the royal paintings of a Roman villa

Two inscribed monuments from Aphrodisias

Kings and Philosophers

The Monument of C. Julius Zoilos

The Oxford History of Classical Art

A new portrait of Pythagoras

Aphrodisias Papers 2 The Theatre, a Sculptor's Workshop, Philosophers, and Coin-types : 3rd International Aphrodisias Colloquium : Papers

Hellenistic Sculpture A Handbook

Late Roman Philosophers

Sculpture from the Theatre

Late Roman Philosopher Portraits from Aphrodisias

Myth and allegory in the Sebasteion

Le Sébasteion et son décor sculpté

Simulacra Gentium: the Ethne from the Sebasteion at Aphrodisias

Hellenistic Royal Portraits

Philorhomaioi: portraits of Roman client rulers

The Imperial Reliefs from the Sebasteion at Aphrodisias

Roman Portraits: Honours, Empresses, and Late Emperors

The portraits of the Greeks

Who was who in the Greek world, 776 BC-30 BC

Greeks, Foreigners, and Roman Republican Portraits

Troilos and Achilles: A monumental statue group from Aphrodisias

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