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Marian Literature in Geʿez

The Gospel in Geʿez

A fifteenth-century Ethiopian icon of the Virgin and Child by the Master of the Amber-Spotted Tunic

Crosses from Ethiopia at the Dallas Museum of Art: An Overview

Illuminated Leaves from an Ethiopic Gospel Book in the Newark Museum and in the Walters Art Museum

Towards a Comparative Framework for Research on the Long Cycle in Ethiopic Gospels: Some Preliminary Observations

'They Came with their Troops Following a Star from the East:' A Codicological and Iconographic Study of an Illuminated Ethiopic Gospel Book

Shrouding the Divine: Observations on the Iconography of the Entombment of Christ in Ethiopian Illumination of the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries

Picturing the liturgy: Notes on the iconography of the Holy Women at the Tomb in fourteenth- and early fifteenth-century Ethiopian manuscript illumination

Ecclesiastic dress in Medieval Ethiopia: Preliminary remarks on the visual evidence

The Liturgical Character of Ethiopian Gospel Illumination of the Early Solomonic Period: A Brief Note on the Iconography of the Washing of the Feet

The Dead Christ on the Cross on Ethiopian Art: Notes on the Iconography of the Crucifixion on Twelfth- to Fifteenth-Century Ethiopia

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