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A Catalogue of the Sculpture Collection at Wilton House

Problems of Chronology in Gandhāran Art

The Bet Alpha Synagogue Mosaic and Late Antique Provincialism

Legacies of loss

Ephemerality in Roman Votive Images

The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius

'Geographies of Provincialism in Roman Sculpture'

'Totenmahl Reliefs in the Northern Provinces: A Case-Study in Imperial Sculpture'

Gell's Idols and Roman Cult

'Baetyls as Statues? Cult Images in the Roman Near East'

Ancient Classicism in Retrospect

The Road to Byzantium: Luxury Arts of Antiquity

Roman Copies?

Cult Images on Roman Lamps

How Romulus Came to Bisley: Sculpture in Roman Britain

The Destruction of Statues in Late Antiquity

Fine Art and Coarse Art: the Image of Roman Priapus

Inventing Britain: The Roman Creation and Adaptation of an Image

Ancient Greek Artists and Texts: Loss and Re-creation

Continuity and Tradition in Late Antique Perceptions of Portrait Statuary


Nacktheit II (Ikonographie)


The Image of the Roman Emperor

The Provenance of the Gandhāran 'Trojan Horse' Relief in the British Museum

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