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Polis Histories, Collective Memories and the Greek World

Historical Consciousness and the 'Aitiology'

Truth and authority in Herodotus’ narrative: false stories and true stories

Thucydides and his Intellectual Milieu

Performance, Audience Participation and the Dynamics of the Fourth-Century Assembly and Jury courts of Athens

Performance, audience participation and the Dynamics of the Fourth-Century Assembly and Jury-Courts of Athens

Patterns of the Past

The Greek Polis and the Tradition of Polis History: Local History, Chronicles, and the Patterning of the Past

'Local History, Polis history and the Politics of Place'.

Herodotus and Eastern myths and Logoi: Deioces the Mede and Pythius the Lydian

Pindar's "Difficulty" and the performance of epinician poetry: some suggestions from ethnography

Review of Brill's New Jacoby On-line

Thucydides and Social Change: between Akribeia and Universality’

Herodotus' Persian Ethnography

"And you the demos made an uproar": Performance, mass audience and text in the Athenian Democracy

Review of Pébarthe, Cité, democratie et écriture. Histoire de l'alphabeetisation d'Athenes a l'époque classique

Writing, Reading, public and private ‘literacies’: functional literacy and democratic literacy in Greece

The Origins of Western Literacy. Literacy in Ancient Greece and Rome.

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