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Natural Worlds

‘Unstable cities: some questions about Roman urbanism’

Mediterranean Perspectives on Departure, Displacement, and Home


The Non-Polis and the Game of Mirrors: Rome and Carthage in Ancient And Modern Comparison

A second Nature? The riverine landscapes of the Romans

'Such is Rome': Strabo on the imperial metropolis

Taxing the sea

'Mountain Margins: power, resources and environmental inequality in Antiquity’

Unnecessary Dependences: Illustrating Circulation in Pre-Modern Large-Scale History

The Ancient Mediterranean

”No two characters seem more inconsistent than those of trader and sovereign” (Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, V, 2, I)’: the problem of Roman imperial estates

Beach, tide and backwash: the place of maritime histories

On the significance of east and west in today's “Hellenistic” history: reflections on symmetrical worlds, reflecting through world symmetries

Rome's World: The Peutinger Map Reconsidered

The Kingdom of the Capitol

'Quod enim alterius fuit, id ut fiat meum, necesse est aliquid intercedere' [Varro]. The anthropology of buying and selling in ancient Greece and Rome: an introductory sketch',

Thinking about thinking Gods

'Rivers and the geography of power'

”Romans, Play On!” Rome, city of the Games


Roman urbanism

The mediterranean and "the new thalassology"

Statics and Dynamics: Ancient Mediterranean Urbanism

The way we used to eat: diet, community, and history at Rome.

A short history of the world

Does Caesar mime? (Ancient imperial Roman theater)