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Pagans and Christians: fifty years of anxiety

Quaestiones Disputatae: Roman Faith and Christian Faith

Faith in Dialogue

Society, identity, ethnicity in the Hellenistic world

Book symposium on Teresa Morgan 'Roman Faith and Christian Faith'

Belief and Practice in Graeco-Roman Religiosity

Narratives of faith in Paul

Pistis between theology, ethics, ecclesiology, and eschatology

Living with the gods in fables of the early Roman empire

To err is human, to correct divine: a recessive gene in ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern religiosity?

Roman Faith and Christian Faith Pistis and Fides in the Early Roman Empire and Early Churches

Not the whole story? Moralizing biography and imitatio Christi

Divine-Human Relations in the Aesopic Corpus

Is pistis/fides experienced as an emotion in the late Roman Republic, early Principate and early Church?

Encyclopaedias of virtue? Collections of sayings and stories about wise men in Greek

The miscellany and Plutarch

Faith and the City in the 4th Century CE

Faith and the City in the 4th Century CE

Origen's Celsus and Imperial Greek Religiosity