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Performing Epic or telling tales

Ovid and 'Titian 2012'

Epic Performances from the Middle Ages into the Twenty-First Century

Epic Transposed: The Real and the Hyper-Real during the Revolutionary Period in France

'Epic' Performances: From Brecht to Homer and Back

Conquering England: Ireland and Greek Tragedy

The Oxford Handbook of Greek Drama in the Americas

Thebes in the New World: Revisiting the New York Antigone of 1845

Shakespearean Sophocles: (Re)-discovering and Performing Greek Tragedy in the Nineteenth Century

Choruses: Ancient and Modern

Enter and Exit the Chorus: Dance in Britain 1880-1914

From Sculpture to Vase-painting: Archaeological Models for the Actor

Museums, Collecting and Archives

The Ancient Greeks and the “Natural”

Irish Antigone and Burying the Dead

The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World

Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus

The French Oedipus of the inter-war period

Demons and Dancers: Performance in Late Antiquity

The “Rediscovery” of Aeschylus for the Modern Stage

"An Oedipus for Our Times?" Yeats's version of Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus