Thomas Gavin

My project focuses on the rhetoric of inter-polis homonoia (‘concord’) and the ways in which cities in Roman Asia Minor cooperated, combining an examination of literary sources (in particular the works of the orators Dio Chrysostom and Aelius Aristides), epigraphic attestations of inter-polis cooperation, and the evidence of Roman provincial coinage. I hope to further refine our conceptions of how cities in Roman Asia Minor interacted, the contexts in which homonoia was promoted and monumentalised, and the degree of connectivity between poleis under the Roman Empire.

Outside of my DPhil project, I’m interested in civic religion in the Roman Empire, Roman numismatics, and Roman imperial history in general. I’m also currently the President of the Oxford University Numismatic Society (OUNS) and one of the two convenors for the Ancient History Work in Progress Seminar (2021-2022).

I’m particularly grateful to the Lorne Thyssen Scholarship and to the Ancient World Research Cluster at Wolfson for supporting my work in Oxford.