Sara De Martin

Academic Background

Academic Background

Research Interests

I specialise in Greek archaic literature, especially Theognis and elegy, and its reception throughout antiquity (I wrote my PhD thesis on the ancient reception of Theognis and the Theognidea). I am especially interested in short wisdom forms (maxims, chreiai, proverbs), often excerpted from earlier texts, and how they were used to project a wise, authoritative posture. I also work on Greek drama, particularly comedy.

Research Keywords

Greek Literature


I teach Greek and Latin at all levels, as well as Greek literature options, at Regent’s Park College.


Full Publications:

Selected Publications:



2022: ‘Criticising change, from Theognis to Plato’. Lexis 40(2), 387-413.
2022: ‘Theognidean misconduct: staging the (un)traditional in Pherecrates’ Chiron’. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 62(2), 161-181.



2020: ‘Theognis the author, traditional wisdom, and some side effects of authority’, in R. Berardi, M. Filosa, D. Massimo (eds.) Defining Authorship, Debating Authenticity: Problems of Authority from Classical Antiquity to the Renaissance (Berlin-Boston: De Gruyter), 111-138.


Book review

2022: review of M. Foster, L. Kurke, N. Weiss (eds.) Genre in Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry: Theories and Models (Leiden-Boston: Brill). The Journal of Hellenic Studies 142 (2022), 340-341.