Professor Jaś Elsner

Classics, art history, classical archaeology: trained in Cambridge, Harvard, Courtauld Institute London.

Greek, Roman,  early Christian and  Byzantine art and archaeology; the reception of material culture in texts, museums and collecting; art and text, including inscriptions, rhetoric and ekphrasis; art and religion; the history of art history/archaeology; pilgrimage.

Classical and Late Antique Art, the Reception of Ancient Art, Ekphrasis.

Selected Publications

  • Afterword. Framing Knowledge: Collecting Objects, Collecting Texts

  • Cultural Histories of the Material World

  • Excavating Pilgrimage

  • From Violence to Blessing: Symbols and Rituals in Ancient Rome

  • Green Curtains and Picture Covers: Towards an Archaeology of the Pictorial Closet

  • More
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