Professor Christopher Pelling

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Academic Background

Emeritus Professor; formerly Regius Professor of Greek, 2003-15, and McConnell Laing Fellow and Praelector in Classics, University College, Oxford, 1975-2003.
Fellow of the British Academy; Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.

Research Interests

Greek and Roman Biography and Historiography.


Full Publications: professor_chris_pelling_full_list_of_publications.docx

Selected Publications:

Thucydides 6 (Cambridge 2022)
Thucydides 7 (Cambridge 2022)
(ed., with Stephen Harrison) Classical Scholarship and its History: Essays in honour of Christopher Stray (de Gruyter, 2021)
(ed., with Christopher Stray and Stephen Harrison) Rediscovering E.R. Dodds: Scholarship, Education, Poetry, and the Paranormal (Oxford University Press, 2019)
Herodotus and the Question Why (University of Texas Press, 2019)
(with Simon Hornblower): Herodotus 6 (Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics, 2017)
(with E. Barker, S. Bouzarovski, and L. Isaksen): New Worlds out of old Texts: Developing Techniques for the Spatial Analysis of Ancient Narratives (Oxford, 2016)
(with Maria Wyke): Twelve Voices from Greece and Rome: Ancient Ideas for Modern Times (Oxford, 2014)
Plutarch, Caesar (Clarendon Ancient History series, Oxford, 2011)
Plutarch and History (Duckworth and Classical Press of Wales, 493 pages, 2002): collected Plutarch articles, together with a few new papers
Literary texts and the Greek historian (Routledge, 2000)
Plutarch, Life of Antony (Cambridge, 1988)