Marcella Giobbe

My interests focus on material culture production and technology in antiquity, with particular attention to dynamics of human mobility, cross-cultural contacts, and migration patterns.

My current PhD project aims to understand how material culture was employed to promote new social and economic relations during the formative stages of the Greek ‘Colonisation’ in the Campania region (Italy). By revisiting the pottery assemblages of key sites related to the ‘Greek colonisation’, it will provide a material-based assessment of the ‘pre-Hellenic’ to ‘Early Colonial’ archaeology of the Campania region (12th to the 7th centuries) through an innovative and multidisciplinary approach. After an in-depth macroscopic study of the pottery assemblages, a science-based analytical program has been designed to reconstruct and understand the reproduction of local pottery traditions, as well as the dynamics of human mobility, movements of products, and transfer of technologies between Campania and Mainland Greece.