Mads Sondre Stryger Prøitz

My main research interests lie in Classical Greek warfare, identity, state formation, and iconography. In addition I also have an interest in Archaic and Hellenistic Greece, the Late Roman Republic, and ancient numismatics.

My DPhil project examines how military iconography played a role in forming collective identities and social organisations during the Archaic and Classical periods in mainland Greece.

These periods saw significant changes to social organisation and collective and cultural identities. Together with the formation of city-states, Greek collective identities/self-representations and understandings were created, reinforced, and spread throughout the Greek world, however, the why and how of the matter remains nebulous.

My body of evidence is the understudied source of shield emblems. The Greek hoplite decorated his shield with a vast range of images, including animal motifs, religious imagery, and other identity markers. This citizen-soldier was closely connected to emerging “state” emblems, emerging

collective identity, and the development of interstate cooperation in the Archaic and Classical periods.