Professor Lucia Prauscello

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Selected Publications:

  • Themistocles’ philotimia in IEleusis 300 (= SEG 30.93) ll. 65-67: some linguistic observations

  • Corinna PMG 655 (= P.Oxy. 2370) fr.1 l. 13 κόσμ[εισα λόγυ]ς: the alleged Boeotian athematic conjugation of the verba vocalia and Corinna’s Dichtersprache

  • Performing Citizenship in Plato's Laws

  • Greek lyric Kunstsprache between pan-Hellenism and epichoric influence: two case-studies

  • Of land, ancestral property and prophecy in Corinna PMG 654 col. iii ll. 37–39

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