Leonie Defonteyne

The study of women in Greek vase-painting has been predominantly concentrated on Athenian imagery, while depictions of women on pottery produced outside of Athens remain less well understood. My thesis aims to partly address this gap in the scholarship of Greek vase-painting by focusing on the representation of women on non-Attic black-figure vases, and also hopes to contribute to the wider historical debate about the societal position of women in Archaic Greece. I am conducting my research through a methodological framework that considers various iconographic approaches, feminist theory and the problem of ‘Athenocentrism’. My other academic interests include the concept of 'bad art' in Greek vase-painting, the interaction between classical archaeology and lyric poetry, alongside Roman Middle Imperial art and archaeology. I am also a Research Assistant at the Beazley Archive, and am involved in the digitization of the Greek vases housed in the Royal Museums of Art and History at Brussels.