Lara Berry

My dissertation will focus on the social impacts which early Christianity had on the construction of femininity in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE. Specifically, I will examine how early Latin authors such as Tertullian shaped the discourse surrounding the construction of 'woman' and 'feminine'. Alongside the authorial texts, I hope to use relevant archaeological evidence in the form of epigraphy and iconography to demonstrate how the shift to Christianity trickled down to women not only through vocal and textual means but also through physical manifestations in daily life. 

Outside of my thesis, my historical interests predominantly pertain to gender and sexuality, along with sculpture and pottery from the Hellenistic era. I also have experience with Latin prose and poetry, specifically Cicero and Theocritus, and I have done work on Agean Bronze Age Mother Goddess cults. For my undergraduate dissertation, I wrote an interdisciplinary paper on how Ptolemaic Greek women engaged in civil and domestic spaces using a comparative ethnography to modern Berber women.