Hannah Biddle

My thesis research is on ageing female bodies in Augustan literature, seeking to explore such stereotypes of the witch, lena and step-mother through a queer and crip theoretical perspective. Using authors such as Horace, Vergil, Ovid, Tibullus and Propertius as well as such works as the Priapeia, I hope to address ageing as a queered non-identity, and how old women represent abject bodies in patriarchal Rome. 

The current chapters of my thesis are: 'Hypersexuality and the Idealisation of Asexuality', 'W.oman I.n T.otal C.ontrol of H.erself', and '(Failing) Mothers and the Anti-Maternal'.

Outside of my thesis, I am fascinated by mythology, occult and the taboo, in particular how queerness intersects with these areas. 

I have two upcoming publications: 'Canidia and All Her Demons: Reception of the ‘Hag Witch’ from Antiquity to Beyond' [edited volume, Routledge] and 'Ecosexuality and Transitioning Attis' [edited volume, Brill].