Fiona Phillips

My doctoral research focuses on the alphabet used for the Carian language, documented in Anatolia, Greece, and Egypt, ca.750–250 BCE. I am particularly interested in the material nature of writing; the divergent evolution of letter forms among epichoric scripts and its implications for Carian social organisation; and the relationships between Carian and neighbouring alphabetic systems (Greek, Phrygian, Lydian, Lycian, Sidetic). My supervisors are Profs. Nino Luraghi and Philomen Probert.

General academic interests include the history of the alphabet; multilingual epigraphy and language contact; Anatolian linguistics; and the social and political history of Hecatomnid Caria specifically, alongside Anatolian, Achaemenid and Greek history more broadly. I completed my BA (St Hugh's) and MPhil (Wadham) at Oxford, with theses on Carian-Dodecanese interactions and Greco-Carian epigraphic habit respectively.

My thanks to Corpus Christi College and an associated Lorne Thyssen classical scholarship for facilitating my DPhil (2022–Present).