Fiona Phillips

My dissertation considers the contextual uses of different languages in Hekatomnid (c.395-330 BC) Karia. Questions of ‘Hellenisation’ or ‘Karianisation’ in this period have been revolutionised by the ongoing decipherment of the Karian language. I hope to contribute to this discussion by reviewing the formats and genres favoured by either Greek or Karian, which may shed light on the state of multilingualism at the time. Simultaneously, comparison with Greek may reveal aspects about Karian. As has been shown by documents from Kaunos and Hyllarima, it may well be that the Karian language only enjoyed monumentality in the post-Hekatomnid periods. It is my aim to approach this question with reference to geography and local politics as well as genre and format.

As a secondary research interest, I hope to participate in the continued decipherment of the Karian language. I am particularly interested in the epichoric alphabets of Karia and their evolution, the study of which may be informed by other alphabets of Anatolia (Lydian, Lykian, Phrygian, etc.); questions of writing format, which are active debates in the study of Luwian and Cypriot documents; and the evolution of the Greek alphabet from the Phoenician or West Semitic.

Additional interests include other forms of epigraphic multilingualism; I am currently involved with preparations of future volumes of the Corpus of Ptolemaic Inscriptions.

I completed my BA at St Hugh’s College, Oxford, with a dissertation on mainland-island relations between Hekatomnid Karia and the Dodekanese.