Dr Timothy Smith

Academic Background

I am a Roman historian specializing in the social and political history of the republic and early empire. I am from Aotearoa–New Zealand. I have a Master of Arts in Classics and another in Literary Translation Studies, both from Victoria University of Wellington. I moved to Oxford to write my DPhil thesis, which looked at the Roman aedileship. I am currently a lecturer at Regent’s Park College.

Research Interests

My research focuses on popular participation in politics in the Roman world. I am particularly interested in how the built environment of ancient cities reflects how people interacted with political elites and engaged with political institutions. I am currently working on making a book out of my doctoral thesis, which reconstructed a social history of the Roman aedileship. I also have a few side projects on literary translation: I have published on Dante and Seamus Heaney’s reception of Italian poetry, and I am working on translating an extensive collection of selected poems by the Italian poet Claudio Pasi.

Research Keywords

Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Roman Historiography, Elections


I teach all topics on Roman history and on Cicero.


Full Publications: Dr Timothy Smith - May 2023

Selected Publications:

Smith, T. (forthcoming) ‘Consulatum non peto: Reluctant Candidates and Spontaneous Elections in Republican Rome’, Classical Antiquity.

Smith, T. (forthcoming) ‘Where’s Vestorius?: Locating Rome’s Aediles’, in A. López García (ed.) Running the Empire: The Places of Roman Governance (London).

Smith, T. (2023) ‘State Terrorism in the Late Roman Republic’, in G. Wrightson (ed.) Terrorism through the Ages (Leiden and Boston), 72–83.

Smith, T. (2021) ‘Elections in the Time of Cinna’, Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte 70.1, 29–54.