Professor Peter Frankopan

Academic Background

Read History at Jesus College, Cambridge (Schiff Foundation Scholar; History prize); M.Phil and D.Phil in Byzantine Studies at Corpus Christi College, Oxford (Senior Scholar); Junior Research Fellow, Worcester College, Oxford (1997-2000); Senior Research Fellow Worcester College, Oxford (2000-); Stanley J. Seeger Visiting Fellow in Hellenic Studies, Princeton (2002-3); Scaliger Visiting Professor, University of Leiden 2017-18; Presidential Scholar, Getty Center, Los Angeles, 2017.

Research Interests

The history of the Byzantine world and its neighbours; reception of classical antiquity in the post-Roman world; the spread of religions before and during Late Antiquity; the Crusades; Islam between east and west; the Silk Roads of the past, present and future; imperial ritual in pre-modern societies; intellectual, cultural and economic exchange; the uses of history in the contemporary world; literature, material culture and political rhetoric in Russia, Iran and the Middle East.

Research Keywords

The Byzantine Empire; medieval and byzantine Greek literature; the Silk Roads; Central Asia; steppe nomads; global history; medieval and modern Russia; Iran; the Caucasus.


The Near East in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad; Byzantium in the Age of Justinian and Muhammad; The Crusades; Eurasian Empires; Byzantium and its Northern Neighbours; History and Literature: Late Antiquity; History and Literature: Byzantium; Byzantine sigillopraphy.


Selected Articles/Chapters:

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Selected Publications: