Dr Maroula Salemenou

I studied Classics and Philosophy at the University of Cyprus and I hold an MSt in Ancient Greek Language and Literature and a DPhil in Greek Papyrology from the University of Oxford. I carried out papyrological research on digital papyrological projects at the University of Oxford (Proteus Project: Capturing the Big Data Problem of Literary Fragments, Reception of Greek Literature 300 BC – AD 800: Traditions of the Fragment, Imaging Papyri Project) and joined faculty-led research projects as a Researcher at the Ionian University (Corfu). I taught tutorials at the University of Oxford and served as a Lecturer at the Ionian University and the University of Patras. I am currently a Research Assistant at the Classics Faculty, working on several projects on Papyrology and Digital Philology under the direction of Professor Dirk Obbink.

My research interests focus on literary papyrology and Graeco-Roman Egypt, particularly historiographical and oratorical works represented by the papyri and the evidence the papyri provide for the state of certain texts during a particular period in antiquity. All papyri contain points of textual interest which actively add to the available data bearing on the history of the text of the works concerned. My research on the tradition of the documents extant in the public speeches in the Demosthenic corpus triggered my interest in the transmission and the authenticity of the state letters in Demosthenes speeches and the compiling, side-by-side, of antiquarian collections for educational purposes drawing on authentic material. A special interest attaches to features external to the content of the texts in the papyri, palaeographical and bibliological, which often have an important bearing on the interpretation of, and the importance to be attached to, matters internal to it.

Greek Papyrology, Graeco–Roman Egypt, Greek Palaeography, Ancient Greek Rhetoric, Ancient Greek Historiography, Ancient Greek History, Demosthenes, Attic Orators, Greek Law, Letters in Ancient Greece, Hellenistic Oratory, Ancient Education.

Selected Publications: 

4653. Hesiod, Theogonia 142–149 (missing 143), 411–420 (more of XXXII 2648)’ in The
Oxyrhynchus Papyri
vol. LXVIII (London 2003) 75–77
5082. Plato, Charmides 172 C–D, 173 A–B’ in The Oxyrhynchus Papyri vol. LXXVI (London
2011) 58–60
‘Epistula Philippi II Regis Macedonum (Demosthenes, De Corona xviii 157): a forged
document?’ in Schubert, P. (ed.), Actes du 26th Congrès international papyrologie (Genève
2012) 661–669

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