Dr Janet DeLaine

I first came to Oxford as a JRF at St John’s College, via a Rome Scholarship at the British School at Rome, from the University of Adelaide, where I studied first Civil Engineering then Classical Studies. After several years as Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading, I returned to Oxford in 2005. In 2010 I was elected as a Corresponding Member of the Archaeological Institute of America, and in 2014 held a Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Senior Research Fellowship at the Dept of Architecture and Urban Design, Kyushu University. 

My research focuses on the built environment of the Roman world, including architecture and urbanism in the Mediterranean, and in particular the Roman building industry, Roman baths, and the urban development of Ostia. The publication of my doctoral thesis, The Baths of Caracalla in Rome: a study in the design, construction and economics of large-scale building projects in imperial Rome, JRA, Suppl. 25 (Portsmouth R.I. 1997), won the Archaeological Institute of America’s James R. Wiseman Award for the most important work in archaeology for 1998, and has been fundamental in the development of the archaeology of construction as a new discipline within the field of classical archaeology, and I continue to be active in this area of research. I have a long-standing interest in the Roman port city of Ostia, and recently held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for work on its urban development. I am also completing a short introduction to Roman architecture for the OUP History of Art series.

Roman architecture, Roman urbanism, archaeology of construction, Ostia, Roman baths, Vitruvius.

I have taught widely at undergraduate level in Roman Mediterranean archaeology, art and architecture, while my graduate teaching has mainly focused in the areas of my research. As well as supervising numerous doctoral students at Oxford and Reading, I have been external supervisor for the Universities of Leiden and Siena, and the Institute of Fine Arts in New York.

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