Dr Andrew Shapland

Academic Background

I read Archaeology and Anthropology at Peterhouse, Cambridge before moving to the UCL Institute of Archaeology for postgraduate studies. In 2009 I received my PhD and was appointed Greek Bronze Age Curator at the British Museum. In 2018 I moved to the Ashmolean Museum as Sir Arthur Evans Curator of Bronze Age and Classical Greece. I was co-curator of the 2019 British Museum exhibition Troy: Myth and Reality and curator of the 2023 Ashmolean exhibition Labyrinth: Knossos, Myth and Reality.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the material culture of Bronze Age Crete. I am particularly interested in depictions of animals, the subject of my 2022 monograph Human-Animal Relations in Bronze Age Crete: A History through Objects (CUP). I have been involved in fieldwork on Crete since 2005, first as a member of the Knossos Urban Landscape Project and since 2020 as co-director of excavations at Palaikastro. Another research interest is the history of Aegean Bronze Age archaeology. I am currently working on digitising the Ashmolean Museum’s Sir Arthur Evans Archive. I have also worked on the archaeological discoveries made in Macedonia by participants in the First World War Salonika Campaign.

Research Keywords

Aegean Bronze Age; Minoan Crete; human-animal relations; history of archaeology



Homeric Archaeology

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Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology


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