Professor Amin Benaissa

Research Interests

My research lies in the field of papyrology or the study of ancient Greek papyri, the oldest manuscripts to survive from Graeco-Roman antiquity. Most of them originate from Egypt when it was under Ptolemaic and then Roman rule (c. 300 BCE–640 CE). They preserve various works of literature, both known and new, as well as a large quantity of private and official documents. My work is focused on the edition and interpretation of unpublished texts in various collections, especially the Oxyrhynchus papyri housed in Oxford. I am particularly interested in papyri of Hellenistic and Imperial Greek poetry, papyri bearing on ancient education and scholarship, and documents relating to the society, institutions, and culture of Roman and Late Antique Oxyrhynchus.

Research Keywords

Greek literary and documentary papyrology; Greek epic poetry; social, cultural and institutional history of Graeco-Roman Egypt.


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