Dr Alessia Coccato

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Academic Background

After a MSc in Conservation Science from University of Parma, Italy, I obtained a PhD in Archaeology from Ghent University, Belgium. Since then, I have been applying mainly non-destructive analytical techniques for the characterization of cultural heritage materials, such as gemstones, glass objects, polychromy (from the Roman epoch to the 20th century), stones and metals. I am currently working on the minero-petrographic characterization of the supports on which Sicilian inscriptions have been traced, within the H2020 ERC Crossreads project.

Research Interests

Investigating the connections between objects and the creative process behind them: which materials were used (local availability vs. trade; natural vs. man-made), how the raw materials were prepared and used together, how the artist/artisan used the materials and exploited the technological know-how to obtain the final product. Investigating how one object was used, how it was affected by use and time, how alteration processes could lead to permanent damage or loss of the object. Finally, considering all these aspects towards a complete understanding of material culture as a testimony from the past.

Research Keywords

Archaeometry, heritage science, conservation science, polychromy, gemmology, petrography


I have been guiding students in numerous practical workshops on gemmology and conservation science since 2013, as well as supervising bachelor and master theses in the same fields since 2013. During the pandemic, I have taught an online course for conservators and restorers on Scientific methods in heritage science. In addition to teaching, since 2014, I have been contributing to local and international outreach events, such as the European Researchers’ Night and the Giornata della ricerca italiana nel mondo.


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