Interview and Offers

You should also check the excellent information available on the University Admissions Website.


All undergraduate admissions interviews will be held online in 2024. You will not need any special equipment - a phone or a laptop will be fine.

Interviews are held in early December. Because we try to find places for as many good candidates as possible, you may well find that you are called for interview by several colleges. In the interviews tutors will be trying to bring out your merits, not to trip you up. They are, above all, looking for potential and an enquiring mind.

What are Classics Tutors looking for at interview?

What should I read?

Tips and advice on reading around the subject for prospective applicants 


If you are successful at this stage, you will receive an offer of a place. This will be conditional on your achieving specified grades in your school-leaving exams, unless you have already left school. The standard offer is, for candidates taking A level, AAA; for Advanced Highers AA/AAB; for the IB 38-39, including core points; or an equivalent level in other qualifications. An A may be asked for in a specific subject or subjects.