Antigone in Palermo: Survival and Disobedience in Ubah Cristina Ali Farah’s and Sutta Scupa's Antigone Power

antigone power suttascupa

Image: Glory Arekekhuegbe and Kassie Sunday as Antigone and Ismene, Antigone Power by Sutta Scupa, 2018 © Sutta Scupa

The APGRD are delighted to welcome Margherita Laera, Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent, to deliver the guest lecture at their 22nd annual joint postgraduate symposium. Dr Laera will be discussing Ubah Cristina Ali Farah’s adaptation of Antigone, Antigone Power, performed in Palermo in 2018 by the company Sutta Scupa with both professional and non-professional actors, mainly from a migrant and refugee background.

Feel free to join us for the public lecture - free, no booking (and attendance at the rest of the symposium is not required).

For the link to the live-stream, please check the APGRD event page on the day.