The New Athenian Empire

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Organised by Eric Driscoll, Leah Lazar and Michael Loy

All are welcome, whether in person or online. Please register at this link:

Generously supported by the Fell Fund, University of Oxford; the Faculty of Classics Board and Craven Committee, University of Oxford; The Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies; the Leverhulme Trust; and the Faculty of Classics, Harvard University.

The organisation of the conference was undertaken with support from the CHANGE Project, with funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement no. 865680), and with support from the Leverhulme Trust, ECF 2022-015.

Day 1 - Monday 26 June

0930                Welcome / opening remarks

                        Leah Lazar (Oxford), Eric Driscoll (Harvard), Michael Loy (Cambridge)

0950                Writing the history of the Athenian empire: regionalism, agency and change

            Christy Constantakopoulou (Birkbeck/ National Hellenic Research Foundation)

1030                What is the Athenian Empire? Ancient perspectives and modern definitions under

                        scrutiny | Stefanie Däne (University of Göttingen)

1110                Coffee

1140                The late Archaic prehistory of the Athenian Empire

                        David Teegarden (SUNY Buffalo)

1220                Coins, mines and tribute: the growth of Athenian coinage in the period of imperial

                        expansion | Andrew Meadows (Oxford)

1300                Lunch

1400                Athenian Imperialism and Economic Growth in the Northern Sporades and Crete

                        Brice Erickson (UC Santa Barbara)

1440                Archaeology and the Athenian Empire — Ionia revisited

                        Anja Slawisch (Edinburgh)

1520                Coffee

1550                Allies in revolt

                        Robin Osborne (Cambridge)

1630                Classical Thasos seen from its chronological lists

                        Patrice Hamon (Sorbonne Université)

1710                General discussion

1730                Reception


Day 2 - Tuesday 27 June

0900                Athens, Evagoras I, and their imperialistic policies

                        Beatrice Pestarino (Haifa)

0940                Coinage in the Athenian empire: an entangled relationship

                        Koray Konuk (French National Centre for Scientific Research)

1020                Coffee

1050                Sounding the Athenian empire: rethinking musical imagery in the Bacchae

                        Yanxiao He (Chicago)

1130                The afterlives of Athenian imperialism in the early fourth-century Aegean

                        Polly Low (Durham)

1210                Fiscal regimes of Athenian settlements in the Classical and Hellenistic periods

                        Milan Melocco (Sorbonne Université)

1250                Final remarks

1310                Lunch