The Neighbourhoods of Roman North Africa

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Oxford Ancient History Faculty Seminar Hilary Term 2023, Tuesdays 4pm at the Ioannou Centre, 66 St Giles

Ancient North Africa: Histories, Cities, and Landscapes

Week 1 (17 January) Andrew Dufton (Dickinson College) 

The neighbourhoods of Roman North Africa

The neighbourhood presents a useful intermediate scale of analysis to trace the oft-contradictory urban dynamics of the Roman world. Neighbourhoods are larger than the individual building or monument and yet smaller than the city as a whole, a space where tensions unfurl between top-down ideals and local concerns. This paper explores the neighbourhoods of Roman North Africa—how we might identify urban quarters in the archaeological and architectural record, and what neighbourhood life can tell us about the larger forces shaping urban change.


Jo Quinn (, Niccolò Mugnai, Monica Hellström, Tim Smith