The David Lewis Lecture no. 24, 'Beyond Datis: More Persians in Greek and Elamite'.


It is with great pleasure that we are able to host Wouter Henkelman as he gives the 24th David Lewis Lecture. His lecture will begin with a discussion of David Lewis's work on the Fortification Archive including his seminal paper on 'Datis the Mede' published in the Journal of Hellenic Studies 100 (1980).

Wouter Henkelman is associate professor at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris), where holds a chair for Elamite and Achaemenid studies. His research interests include Elam and the Elamite language as well as the Achaemenid world in widest sense.

Henkelman studied classical philology (specialisation: ancient Greek) in Leiden and ancient history (specialisation: Achaemenid languages and culture) in Utrecht. He obtained his doctoral degree in 2006 at Leiden University with a dissertation entitled The Other Gods Who Are: Studies in Elamite-Iranian Acculturation Based on the Persepolis Fortification Texts, which was subsequently published by the NINO in the Achaemenid History series (vol. 14; 2008). He defended his habilitation (on satrapal networks, royal roads, travel and transport in the Achaemenid empire) in 2020 at the École Pratique.

Henkelman is an editor in the Persepolis Fortification archive project (Chicago, since 2006), initiator of the international Bīsotūn project, and co-director of a German-funded archaeological-historical project focusing on eastern Fars. Beyond Paris, he regularly teaches Elamite and other subjects at Tehran (Allameh Tabataba'i) and elsewhere. 


This lecture is freely open to all who wish to attend, and will be followed by a drinks reception.





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