“Recent Discoveries, New Thinking: Deliberations in Honour of Bert Smith”

bert smith conf

Friday, 23 June 2023

Lincoln College, Oakeshott and Langford Rooms

Arrival: From 17.00
Presentations: 17.30-18.30

Welcome - Maria Stamatopoulou

Prof. Bert Smith (Oxford): Making history visible: A lifetime with ancient art

Prof. Chris Hallett (Berkeley): ‘Breathing bronze, living faces’: The making of portraits at Aphrodisias and Rome

18.45-19.30 - Drinks

Saturday, 24 June 2023

Stelios Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Lecture theatre

9.15: Welcome – Prof. Chris Hallett (Berkeley)
9.30-9.45: Prof. Nicholas Purcell (Oxford): Bert Smith & classics/classical archaeology at Oxford
9.45-10:00 Prof. Kutalmış Görkay (Ankara/Oxford): Bert Smith and archaeology in Türkiye
10.00-10.15: Prof. Andrew Wilson (Oxford): Aphrodisias: Bert Smith in his natural habitat

10.15-10.45 - Coffee break

10.45-11.30: Dr. Haricleia Breculaki (NHRF Athens)Between the visible and the non-visible: A new approach to the Vergina Hunt Frieze 
11.30-12.15: Dr.  Myrina Kalaitzi (NHRF Athens)The "Tomb of the Philosophers" in Pella (Macedonia) revisited: New findings, new riddles
12.15-13.00: Prof. George Koutsouflakis (University of Thessaly)Riders on the Storm: Βronze cuirassed equestrians lost n' found in the Aegean

13.00-14.00: Lunch in the Ioannou Centre for all participants

14.00-14.45: Emer. Prof. Dr. Orhan Bingöl (Ankara and Karabuk)Recent statue finds from Magnesia on the Maeander and their importance for the city
14.45-15.30: Prof. Dr. Mustafa Adak (Akdeniz)Letter of Septimius Severus to Asian cities on misbehaviour of Roman soldiers
15.30-16.15: Prof. Dr. Musa Kadıoğlu (Ankara)From legend to real local hero: New Athamas
16.15-16.30 - coffee break
16.30-17.15: Rebecca Levitan (Berkeley): Loukou out of the shadows: Hellenistic sculpture from the villa of Herodes Atticus
17.15-18.00: Dr. Anthi Aggeli (Director, Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza) & Prof. Nikolas Papazarkadas (Berkeley; Director, NHRF Athens)The theatre of Nicopolis: from imperial initiative to private patronage
18.00: closing remarks -- Bryan Ward Perkins (Oxford)

Please do let us know if you are planning to attend (for catering purposes) by emailing: maria.stamatopoulou@lincoln.ox.ac.uk

The Organisers: Prof. Chris Hallett, Prof. Kutalmış Görkay, Dr. Joshua Thomas, Prof. Maria Stamatopoulou