Greek and Beyond: Colloquium in honour of M.S. Silk

ms silk landscape

A one-day colloquium convened by Fiona Macintosh (Oxford) and David Ricks (KCL) in honour of Professor Michael Silk. The event will be in-person, held in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, and will also be live-streamed.

Please register here to attend in person (booking essential, places will be limited). Please note that attendance is free although a small financial contribution will be required for lunch on the day (details will be circulated nearer the time).

Those wishing to join the live stream do not need to register. A link will be made available on the APGRD website nearer the time.

Welcome: Fiona Macintosh (St Hilda's, Oxford)

11:00: Panel one

Chair: Oliver Taplin (Magdalen College, Oxford)

  • Michael Clarke (NUI Galway): ‘I am a word of science: a case study of the classical tradition at work’
  • Richard Rutherford (Christ Church, Oxford): ‘Poetics of prose: a case study in Herodotus’
  • Andrew Laird (Brown University): ‘Humanist Latin as a language of literature’

14:00: Panel two

Chair: Margaret Williamson (Dartmouth College)

  • Boris Maslov (University of Oslo): ‘“To see the world like an ancient Greek”: the category of Anschauung in nineteenth-century classical scholarship’
  • Vasiliki Dimoula (University of Vienna): ‘“The spirit of the positive”: the demotic language and Christianity in the thought of Spyridon Zambelios’
  • Sebastian Matzner (King’s College London): ‘What’s the meta- with you? Poetic language and metapoetics’

16:30: Panel three

Chair: Nick Lowe (Royal Holloway University of London)

  • David Hopkins (University of Bristol): ‘Clarissa’s speech in Pope’s The Rape of the Lock’
  • William Fitzgerald (King’s College London): ‘Decorum, euphemism, and sex’  
  • Edith Hall (University of Durham): ‘Goats and Beyond:  Thoughts on early Greek tragedy’

Afterword: David Ricks (King’s College London)