Dimitris Papaioannou in conversation

dimitris papaioannou fac

Primal Matter, 2012; photograph by Miltos Athanasiou.

Dimitris Papaioannou in conversation

Born in Athens in 1964, Dimitris Papaioannou is a celebrated choreographer, director, and visual artist known for his innovative contributions to dance, theatre, and performance art. He gained international acclaim, especially for directing the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. Papaioannou’s productions range from mass spectacles with thousands of performers to intimate pieces and have appeared in a wide variety of venues, from his famous underground squat theater in Athens, to the ancient theatre in Epidaurus, and from Olympic stadiums to Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, and Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. His latest work, “INK”, is currently on an international tour

This in-person event, on Monday 4 March at 5pm, is co-hosted by the University of Oxford’s Modern Greek Studies, the APGRD (Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama), and DANSOX (Dance Scholarship Oxford). 

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