The 18th annual joint APGRD and University of London postgraduate symposium

apgrd postgraduate symposium 25 june

Misdirections and Misconceptions in the theory and practice of Greek and Roman drama

Monday 25th June (Oxford)  Tuesday 26th June (London)


The 18th Annual APGRD / Royal Holloway, University of London Joint Postgraduate Symposium on the Performance of Ancient Drama will take place on Monday 25 June (at the Ioannou Centre, Oxford) and Tuesday 26 June (at Royal Holloway, Egham). This year’s theme will be: ‘Misdirections and Misconceptions in the Theory and Practice of Greek and Roman Drama’. This annual Symposium focuses on the reception of Greek and Roman tragedy and comedy, exploring the afterlife of these ancient dramatic texts through their re-workings by both writers and practitioners across all genres and periods. This year’s theme invites discussions of old and new interpretations of Greek and Roman drama with a particular focus on their (non)conformity to ancient (and modern) models, as well as the way that they are shaped by theatre conventions.Speakers from a number of countries will give papers on the reception of Greek and Roman drama. This year’s guest respondent will be Dr Helen Eastman. 

The symposium is open to speakers from different disciplines, including researchers in the fields of Classics, modern languages and literature, and theatre and performance studies. Papers may also include demonstrations from practitioners. Undergraduates are very welcome to attend.

All are welcome and no booking or registration is necessary.

More details (and the full programme here):